Top 10 TangSooDo Korean Karate Schools Awards

The Top 10 Best TangSooDo Korean Karate Schools Awards Presented by World Martial Arts Media was established to rate and rank the very best TangSooDo Karate schools in the country as ranked by our Voter’s Poll and the staff of World Martial Arts Magazine.

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If you have trained at one of these schools please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for visiting our site. We consider all of these schools the Top of this industry. Of the 5,000 plus full time professional Tang Soo Do Karate schools in the USA here are our 10 Award Winners in random order.

Let us begin with a general description of TangSooDo Korean Karate. Some times written as Tang Soo Do, it is a blend of Korean and Chinese striking and kicking arts. TangSooDo is best described as both a hard and a soft martial art. The meaning of Tang Soo Do is often explained as “Way of the Chinese Hand”. Founded in Korea and made famous in America by Chuck Norris it is one of the most practiced martial arts in the world today.


richard byrne tangsoodo

Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Richard Byrne

Byrne’s Tang Soo Do Studios owned by Grandmaster Richard Byrne, 9th Dan. He is the president and founder of the American Tang Soo Do Association and the United Tang Soo Do Congress. The ATA is one of the oldest Tang Soo Do organizations in the United States.

His martial arts career began in 1969 while he was stationed at Osan Air Force Base in Korea. In addition to Tang Soo Do, Grandmaster Byrne also holds Black Belts in Shotokan karate as well as TaeKwonDo.

He is recognized worldwide as an expert in board breaking, currently holding three world records, including 10 boards with a knife hand chop, 8 boards with an instep round kick, and 15 boards with an elbow strike. His career has also taken him into film, where he has starred in several action movies including “When Death Comes Quickly”, which also featured Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Professor Toru Tanaka, and in “Distant Justice” with George Kennedy and David Carridine. He has appeared on local and national television including such shows as Spenser For Hire and Against the Law.

He has been featured in every major martial arts magazine in the country and appeared on the cover of the premiere issue of Traditional Tang Soo Do Illustrated. Master Byrne’s multi-faceted martial arts background has established him as one of the most respected men in martial arts today and one of the major leaders of Tang Soo Do in the country. He continues to teach at his Byrne’s Tang Soo Do Studios in Massachusetts. Visit his website at

American Dragon Martial Arts Schools Winter Garden Florida. Owned by 16 times World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, Grand Master Richard Hackworth. Hackworth is the host of the “World Martial Arts TV and Radio Shows” and Head Coach of the World Champions “World Martial Arts Show Team”. This school has also been rated as one of the Top Ten Martial Arts Schools in the World by the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association in Seoul, South Korea. They also have locations in Clermont, Orlando, and Sunrise, Florida.

Their international locations are in Cali, Colombia and Cheonan, South Korea.  Visit their website for complete details. You can see their website at: Ph: 321-443-8077.


US Martial Arts Schools Atlanta, Conyers, Georgia

US Martial Arts Academy Atlanta, Georgia. This TangSooDo Self Defense school just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the Conyers area teaches Korean martial arts. It is owned by Grand Master Gregory Glover who is well known as the Head Coach of the US National Taekwondo Association Team. Grand Master Glover is frequently featured on the “World Martial Arts TV and Radio Shows” and has appeared as a cover story on “World Martial Arts Magazine”.

You can reach his self defense school in the Atlanta area by calling Ph: 917-929-0078. This school offers a free TangSooDo self defense class to get you started.

Black Belt of Karate Schools Canada

TangSooDo Korean Karate Schools of Orlando, Florida.  Owned by Grand Master Fred Parks, the International Representative to the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society. He is the co-host of the “World Martial Arts TV and Radio Shows” and writer for “Martial Force Magazine”.  In
2007, Grand Master Parks won “The Golden Mic Award” for excellence in Radio broadcasting for his work on the “World Martial Arts Radio Show”. He has won numerous awards for his TangSooDo Self Defense Class segments on the TV show. Being the father of two girls he has a personal interest in
teaching self defense to children and women. You can reach the TangSooDo Korean Karate of Orlando Florida school by phone at: Ph: 352-638-8143.


Aikido Hapkido Martial Arts Schools Hendersonville, NC

Aikido / Hapkido of Hendersonville. Owned by Master Darren Norris, the US Representative for

the Korean Hapkido Federation. Master Norris is also a columnist for “World Martial Arts

Magazine” and was featured in the movie documentary, “The Warrior’s Quest”. This school also

won the “Traditional School of the Year” Award from the “World Martial Arts Magazine” Hall

of Fame and performs annually at the Action Film Fest. Be sure to “Like” them on facebook

and visit their school website. They are located in the community of Horseshoe, NC. Just 20

minutes from Ashville. Call them today at 828-388-0635 for more information.





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